Mercedes-Benz S 500 L / 4x4
blindé B6

W 222 B6 (EN 1063) Limousine blindée
nouveau | essence | 335 kW (455 ch) | Automatique

Moteur V8, 4663 cm3, norme d'émission Euro 6, 5 places, disponible 3 mois après la commande (selon la disponibilité de la voiture de base)

Configuration: Version longue, 4matic, habitacle de base entièrement chargé. Plancher: protégé contre les particules DM 51 et la fragmentation des mines. Fenêtres: ca. 44 mm
Dispositif d'intercommunication: pour communiquer avec l'extérieur en cas d'urgence. Il y a aussi des lampes flash à l'avant et à l'arrière. Faites rouler à plat les pneus, ils courent jusqu'à 30 km / h s'ils sont cassés.

Mercedes-Benz W222

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Mercedes-Benz S 500 L - 4x4 armored B6 - W 222 B6 (EN 1063) armored bulletproof Limousine

brandnew - petrol - 335 kW (455 PS) - Automatic - Engine V8, 4663 cc, Euro 6 emission-norm, 5 seats, available 3 month after order (depending on the availibilty oft the basic car)
Configuraton: Long version, 4-matic, basic-car fully loaded interior. Floor: protected against granates DM 51 and fragmentation of landmines. Windows: ca. 44 mm
Intercommuication device: to communicate with outside in case of emergency. There are also flash-lamps in the front and rear. Run flat system of the tires, they do run up to 30 km/h, if they are broken.

Vision accomplished. The new S-Class.

Roll up those sleeves and get stuck into the job to be done – while sitting in the lap of luxury. Roll up the garage doors in the morning ready to work hard – step out onto the red carpet at night ready to play hard. View the rising sun from the driver’s seat – and the setting sun from the reclining seat in the rear. The new S-Class brings together the worlds of work and leisure at a hitherto undreamed-of level. The choice of materials, the degree of perfection and exclusivity in the interior surpass expectations for a vehicle of this class. And it is simply in the new S-Class’s DNA to shine with technical innovations hitherto unseen in a car. The ultra-intelligent chassis seems to flatten down the road ahead; the lighting, using new technologies and a 360° sensor system, illuminates the surroundings with a speed and precision never seen before. You will see it, sense it and experience it for yourself: the new S-Class shows the way ahead – to the future of autonomous driving.